Eric Joyner

Today I’m divulging a publishing secret which only the inner circle of HC2 is aware of. Rather than sit down each and every day and find something glorious to write about, we tend to do massive writing sessions and bulk scheduled posts. Personally, I elect for 2 weeks of buffer so that when our paid design work gets too hairy, we can let this blog go the wayside for a few days, fully knowing that our scheduled buffer posts will pick up the slack. So as I write this (on Labour Day), I am finding myself in a weird place. Another season is about to fall, and life is changing all around me in some very positive ways. Business is good, we are keeping busy, and have been able to push the envelop with a lot of our recent projects. Inspiration is free thanks to these daily (read scheduled) posts, and our discovery of a world filled with robots and doughnuts is a reason to stop and taste the rainbow coloured sprinkles. Join us for a brief moment as we explore the work of Eric Joyner.

Eric Joyner, Robots and Doughnuts, painting, robots

The 80’s are back. I mean, if Kanye can rock the white shutter shades, New Kids can come out with a new video and world tour, and some TV network thinks it’s a good idea to break out a new version of 90210, I’d say all the signs are there. Although I wouldn’t classify Eric’s work as 80’s infused, there is certainly something retro about the style of his robots. It actually seems strange that I would even say 80’s and retro in the same sentence, as I do not consider my generation as old…yet. Although less advanced than the sleek human enslaving versions we’ve come to expect in I Robot, Terminator, The Matrix Trilogy and more, his creations have more of a personal, and even cuddly appeal. Eric’s talent shines through in his work, which is also on display in his new book entitled ‘Robots and Doughnuts’. Check out his recent interview with Fecal Face to find out more about his motivation, and process.